Hypothesis and Sakai: Importing from BOX

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You will have the option to enter a publicly-viewable URL (See Step A) or to add a PDF from Google Drive (See Step B). The screen will look like this:

You can add documents from BOX as if you were adding a publicly-viewable URL. 

On the “Link Resource from External Tool” screen, you will paste a link in the text box. * Please note that the content at the link must be publicly viewable (i.e., not behind a login or paywall).

For BOX you must chose the DIRECT Link. To find the direct link follow these steps.

1. View the document you would like to view in your BOX.  Select “Create and Copy Shared Link” 

2. Select “Link Settings”  and ensure that People with the link ” Can view and Download”

3. Copy the DIRECT link

Enter the DIRECT link into the hypothes.is URL field:

Click Submit.

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